I want you to look, right into my eyes and deep,

and then tell me, 

I’m not worth it !!

Do you have that courage ? 


I know it’s cold out here and maybe it’ll get worse. 

The night, the sky and the moon

it’s all dark , and here is a silence like a 

graveyard. All I can hear right now is you,

you: a screaming, yelling and whispering gigantic to me. 

No one is around, not a single person out there, but 

You cannot break my bones, and 

fill your cowardliness into my blood, 

I’m not shallow and hollow like your desires.

You cannot crawl on my skin and, tear it apart.

There will be no blood, and I’ll not fall out of your desire.

The only thing I’ll leave with this night, is going to be,


Yes! You ! 


And that’s a proclamation.

–Shambhavi Kotwalia–

Image – ©Pinterest 



It was cold in that deep water..,

I got freeze, my body got numb,

It was silent there, so silent !!

I was going deep, drowning and sinking,

but there was one thing that was in

senses, and shouting, ” I don’t know what”?

It was not my mind because,” my thoughts got stuck”,

It was not my heart too, the moment was too silent, but

I felt like ,”all my senses, got life that day”!!


Image – Pinterest




You are stuck to my mind


surrender in my thoughts


a loop song, which I’m


repeating from years, you

are unknown to my face, but


to my heart and mind,


are unknown to my smile, but


to my touch.

We don’t know each other, but

I swear when you’ll be here,

by my-side

I’ll give you an unknown


of ,”love and spirit”.





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